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James Williams

Projects Director


Bearded. Northerner. Sometimes Sarcastic. James is our chief cat herder with a keen eye for detail, ensuring projects run smoothly from start to completion. His 15 years experience varies from running major sporting events and venues to huge gaming festivals! WFH Meetings usually involve appearances from his black cat (ruler of his house) Cash.

Rob Stevens

Broadcast Director


Street Fighter player turned tech nerd, Rob brings years of esports & online broadcast experience to the company along with his year long pale complexion.

Mark Lawton

Project Technician


Mark specialises in visual, data, and replay elements in live production, broadcast solutions and the hating of vowels to a professional level. He's most at home on esports productions and with a coffee in hand. Just don't ask him to deal with wobbly air witchcraft. 

Kat Evans

Broadcast Producer 


Kat is a multiskilled productioneer who primarily focusses on producing and directing. They are passionate about video games and petting any cat that they see.

Nick Collier

Founder & Director


Nick started High Viz from an idea to improve safety critical communication within the railway industry, this led Nick to jump into wider broadcasting specialties. With the family roots based within Outside Broadcasting Nick has honed High Viz into being a unique provider of speciality broadcast solutions. Nick still enjoys work that takes him on to the 4ft (Railway Speak) but is equally at home in the studio talking shop with anyone who wants to listen!

Jay Lawley

Network Infrastructure Engineer


Jay spent many years wandering the barren wastelands of corporate IT before being lured by the bright lights of production-related work, and now spends his time watching over the various networks and systems of HVMG.

James Costas

Technical Director


Costas started his career within esports production, since then expanding outwards into a wide variety of broadcast. He still loves esports and won't shut up about it.

Keeley Keohane

Office Manager & Director


Keeley has been with High Viz from near enough the start, Keeley was one of the first women to be qualified as UAV operator in 2014 within Europe, working to ensure compliance with the then CAA CAP 722 standards. Keeley is currently on Maternity Leave but we're looking forward to welcoming her back soon.

Elise Martin

Project Manager


Elise is a keen team member, adaptable to any task she can get her hands on. Spends her free time as a hard core console gamer.

Martin Locket

Commercial and Development Officer


Martin provides commercial support to all members of the team. His role is to turn up with spreadsheets, opinions and to help develop the wilder ideas of the team into feasible and successful offerings to our clients.

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