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Our Little Pod Trailer is suitable for smaller productions, seating up to eight people in a 3-2-3 formation across three rows. Each desk comes with it's own fully customisable panel, ideal for putting in your comms panel of choice, as well two power sockets per person.

The front row has three HD monitors which you can fully customise with any multiview or program output, making it suitable for producers and vision mixers. On the second row, it has a small shelf above the desk allowing for additional monitors to be placed. This row would be suitable for other vision operators such as vt and graphics playout. The third row boasts of a deeper desk, which would be ideal for either lighting, audio or lighting technicians with their operating desks. 

There are two doors for ease of access, with the stairs that pull out on the side of the trailer. Inside there is a AC unit which provides crew comfort and to maintain optimal equipment temperature.

If you wish to preview in the inside of our trailer, please check out this 360° view!

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