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We have our own OB truck, fully specced out and available to use in any location!

Rain, sun and shine, we can broadcast from anywhere, anytime!

We offer the ability to provide Outside Broadcasts from any place in the country. We have a multi racked camera rig, a Blackmagic Constellation Mixing Desk and a Talkback system which can suit a variety of productions from small podcast setups to large stage performances. We can also provide highly skilled technicians who can operate in a variety of roles.

Racks Rcp OB Van Truck
Live Video Records Ob Van truck

Our technical specs include;

  • Model: VW

  • Make: Crafter long wheel base

  • Age: 2018

  • Supplied with HD fibre camera/ channels/lens/tripods and 8 recorders. Production space in front area with two desks. Rear area for camera racking/control. There is wiring up to the front desk of the van for a sound desk. The sound recordist sits on the reversed driver/passenger seat. Sound desk is not fitted, but there is the option to hire one with the van, we offer a range of Yamaha desks including the TF1, CL1 and QL1. There is side mounted retractable awning fitted to the vehicle.

  • Length: 7m

  • Power System: 2 x 32amp

  • Air Conditioning: Two roof mount units

  • Production:

    • Vision mixer: 1x Blackmagic Constellation HD 4 M/E with ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel 20
      Monitoring: 4x Panasonic TX-40JX800B (5th monitor in the box)
      Audio: Bose Companion 50 (with two tweeters)
      Talk back: CTP 24×24 Matrix with 4x DT12 and 4x DT6 Panels
      NewTek 3Play 425 replay system
      Lilliput BM230 4K monitor in case

  • VTR-Edit: 8x Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro recorders

  • Vision Control/Engineering:

    1 x Sony PVM-1741 17″ Professional OLED Picture Monitor
    1 x Datavideo TLM 433 3x 4.3″ TFT LCD Monitor
    1 x Datavideo TLM 404H 4x 4″ TFT LCD Monitor
    2 x Marshall V-R653P-HDSDI 3x 6.5″ HD-SDI Monitors
    4 x Blackmagic SDI-HDMI 3G Micro Converters
    2 x Datavideo VS-100 Video Scope
    1 x Blackmagic Smart Videohub 40×40
    2 x Blackmagic Videohub Smart Panel
    2 x DVC ADA1-PR/X
    1 x Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6 6 Way Stereo

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