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Our Outside Broadcast Volkswagen Crafter Van is specialised for on-the-go broadcasting. This spacious van can seat up to seven positions; with five in the main control gallery and two in the back in engineering. Additionally, there is an inbuilt air conditioning unit, for crew comfort and to maintain an optimal equipment temperature.

The main control gallery has four TVs which allows the customization of a variety of multiviews, as well an inbuilt clock. Each position comes with the option to modify the front panel to add in your comms system of choice. The desks have plenty of space for both audio and vision mixers, as well as personal laptops.  The driver and passenger seats can be turned around to allow for a back row.

In the back of the van, there are inbuilt racks to allow for streaming servers and camera racking.

If you wish to preview in the inside of our van, please check out this 360° view!

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