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ASUS ROG 6d Ultimate Showmatch

The High Viz Media group is filled with many staff that have a plethora of experience of working in the esports industry. With this in mind, Kuoda reached out to High Viz to run the broadcast for the ASUS ROG 6d Ultimate Showmatch. Additionally Epic LAN provided server and player support.

Esports Green Screen Virtual Studio Production UK
Great West Studio Logo

The idea behind the broadcast was to promote the new ASUS Rog mobile phone, through the use of influencers demonstrating its full potential via a gaming tournament. Four professional streamers picked out three members of the public to compete on a team with them. The winning team would be rewarded with their own ASUS phones.

Esports broadcast uk production green screen virtual studio

High Viz’s Great West Studio was utilized in providing both the set and main control gallery for the show. A virtual set was used as the backdrop for the two commentators, meaning that we could incorporate a lot of dynamic elements within the studio, such as tv screens and moving graphics. We used our AW-UE100 PTZ cameras which helped give the virtual set its depth.

Esports Production Uk Green Screen virtual Stuio Crew

The broadcast was streamed to Twitch on the main ASUS ROG channel. The team’s experience in broadcasting Esports tournaments meant that the whole broadcast ran incredibly smoothly and seamlessly. 

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