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Chubb are a global business and personal insurance company with approximately 31,000 employees. Twice a year we livestream Chubb's internal EMEA Townhall from their London office, which looks over at the Gherkin providing a scenic backdrop for their broadcast.


High Viz Media Group provides both technical planning and producing of the livestream, working closely with the marketing department to ensure that we match their editorial and technical specifications. Additionally, we provide cameras, gallery setup, gallery operators and comms engineering, all from within their offices.


In their most recent Townhall, we recently started offering staging in addition to our usual MCR and camera set up. This allowed us more flexibility in making sure the stage was custom to both ours and the clients needs.


Having broadcast their live streams for over 3 years, we’ve become very well acquainted in their setup and how they run their broadcast to exact specifications.

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