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In February 2021, our newly extended team travelled from all over the UK to the amazing Riverside Studios in Hammersmith for the press release of Disney Plus Star. A new addition to the already popular and successful Disney plus streaming service, hosted by Edith Bowman, this hybrid event was the perfect event to showcase ourselves in not just camera work, but live streaming and audio.

Disney Plus Star Press Conference

With a crew of 13 people in all, we set out to produce a live stream out to 400 invitees members of the media to showcase the new side to the streaming service and the new features it brings to the original Disney Plus. Filmed with three Sony 4300s, two static and one on a rolling base, and ingested, recorded and streamed out using a wide variety of BlackMagic equipment the output was seamless.

Sony 4300 Camera Disney Press Conference

Using Sennheiser G4 radio microphones we were able to capture high quality audio in a discrete way to really level up the livestream. Also very easy to fit and comfortable for the host and the interviewees in the studio.

Remote callers dialing in from all over the world could have proven a challenge but the team tackled it seamlessly with the host being able to interview the executives at Disney with ease and like they were in the studio. Our wonderful remote green room operators made sure that callers were set up and comfortable during the time they weren’t live. 

Sony 4300 Camera Teslestrator Disney Press Conference

Overall it was a fantastic job, allowing the team to come together in person for a rare occasion during the pandemic, proving once again that they work excellently no matter the situation.

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