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We were asked to conduct a three-day studio livestream for the annual European Lead Battery Conference 2020.

This conference involved the use of a local studio in the UK, with a live remote link to a studio in Aachen, Germany. As well as multiple speaker windows, there was also PowerPoint integration built into the livestream, with custom picture-in-picture layouts.

Conference Broadcast Gallery

For our local studio, we deployed two of our Sony HDC-2500’s and three of our Panasonic UE70 PTZ cameras. We also deployed two UE70 cameras at our remote location in Germany, so with a small amount of latency, we were able to bring these cameras in on our PTZ control panel as if they were in the same room as us.

Conference Live Brodcast Equipment

Our on-site film & edit team were able to film a 10 minute introduction for the event, and add necessary lower thirds & graphics, which was then rapidly turned around and supplied to our on-site production team. The edit team was also able to create custom video loops for the livestream, using audio & graphics supplied by the client on site.

Broadcast Camera Studio

After a very successful show, we also edited down some requested social media cuts from each day of the event, to be uploaded the same evening for maximum exposure.

This event was a great example of how collaboration between our different departments leads to a very fast execution of deliverables!

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