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The High Viz Media Group were asked to work alongside BBC Studios to set up and deliver a MCR, as well as provide technical support for the Russell Kane Evil Genius show; a Radio 4 podcast turned TV adaption, that guests debate the merits of famous figures. This show later aired on Sky History during December 2023.


This five day shoot was filmed on location at the Film Shed in London, where we had to build a full gallery, which included an ME2 (or 4?) mixer, comms (?) and custom multiview outputs as per the producers request. As well, we were responsible for providing camera feeds back up to the MCR, and providing timecodes for each camera. There was a live audience that we had to account for, making sure that the feeds were out of the way.


We also provided a live VT operator, who worked closely with the Archives Producer to ensure that the VT playout was to their specifications. Additionally we were in charge of the multicam recording that could be delivered to the studios specifications in a timely manner. It was a challenging, but rewarding job, in which the team worked hard to pull off together.

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