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We worked alongside Esports Engine, to provide cameras, gallery and technical assistance for the UFEA Fifa 22 Global Finals, which was broadcasted from Here East, London.


This was one of the more unique stages we've had the pleasure of working on, having to work in a 360° space. The main stage area was emulating a mini football field, with the teams playing on either side. This allowed the cameras to capture more unique shots, that traditionally wouldn’t have been possible for a standard esports show, using both a jib and steadi-cam camera. 

Group Photo 5.JPG

We additionally provided all of the player camera feeds, which fed into a custom built video gallery that we made. This was one of the more challenging spaces to work in, making sure that all of the feeds got to the right places, as well as making sure the set looked spacious on camera, but it was a challenge we rose too as well.

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