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“I Kissed A Boy” was a BBC Three dating show that centered around the LGBT community. After its initial first season aired in April 2023, the BBC commissioned a special one off episode to follow the lives of the contestants after the show.

Behind the scenes at I Kissed a Boy

High Viz Media Group was requested to build a gallery, provide video engineering and offer VT Playout support. The filming location itself was at the Proud Nightclub under Waterloo bridge. This location offered a unique challenge of building a bespoke gallery within the confines of this nightclub. The gallery had to be constructed over two floors of elevation, with the ability to seat 9 members of the crew.

Vision Mixer at I Kissed a Boy

It was a five camera rig that included a track cam and two autocues. We were in charge of supplying the camera feeds into the gallery using a mixture of SDI and cintiq. A Blackmagic Constellation mixing desk and a custom video rack was used for these camera feeds. Additionally we supplied custom multiview feeds to various members of the production team and provided comms to both the camera and gallery team. We recorded on to twelve hyperdecks, to ensure that each camera feed and the tx and a backup of the main tx feed was created. This was then handed off to the editor to ensure a speedy delivery.

Behind the Scenes at I kissed a Boy

We also had a member of High Viz who acted in the role of VT Playout during the show, who was responsible for getting footage from the producing and playing it out at appropriate moments. It was an intense two day shoot that included a one day build and a two hour derig. The team did an amazing job in building the gallery in such an unusual location, as well as fulfilling any additional tech requirements that popped up during the filming.

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