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2022 has been the year where the live events industry has slowly been brought back to normality. As a result of this, Player 1 Events approached us to produce and manage their esports content for their flagship event, The Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Insomnia Gaming Festival Esports Stage Production

For the second show, Insomnia69, which happened at the end of August, the stage was split back up into the Main Stage and Esports respectively. We were put in charge of producing and directing the Esports Stage. For this we provided a 17 camera rig and created 4 days worth of gaming content from the Friday all through to the Monday. We worked with external partners for the first two days; helping manage talent, monitoring the livestreams, integrating graphics and assisting with any additional tech requests. Some of these external clients included; the British Esports Federation, the RAF and the TF2 Worlds Finals.

Insomnia Gaming Festival Production Gallery

For the final two days, we produced seven different esports tournaments, which were broadcasted to Twitch. Games included Valorant, CS:GO, Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

Not only did we run the broadcast for the Esports stage, we also produced and edited additional VT content, graphics and photography to supplement the broadcasts for those two days. This was done onsite and delivered the same day as the content was shot.

Sony 4300 at Insomnia Esports Stage

In addition to producing the Esports stage, we also provided all cameras to the Main & Expo Stages at the event. Overall, we deployed the whole High Viz Media Group team to the event, as well as outsourcing additional staff and working alongside the event runners provided by Player 1 Events. The result was the collaborative effort of everyone involved to pull off such a huge stage.

The third show, Insomnia70, was held in April 2023. Once again, High Viz were in charge of producing the Esports Stage. Similar to Insomnia69, we were given the same responsibilities. For this event, Player1 worked with Riot to put on a 10k prize pool for their Valorant tournament. This included running a successful pre-event qualifiers online, which over 180 teams signed up for.

Show Caller at Insomnia Gaming Festival
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