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We were asked to produce the final for the Logitech G Challenge show in conjuction with McLaren. Leading up to the show, Logitech had been holding open qualifiers across stores in the UK, and the 12 fastest competitors were invited down to our Brentford Studio.

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In our studio, we deployed our Sony Z450 and two of our Panasonic UE100 robotic heads, as well as having individual player cameras on each driving station. In additional to filming players in our studio, we also had a separate green room where our two talent were commentating over the races.

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We created and intergrated graphics using Xpression, as the show was full of constantly changing data, so we needed the graphics to be as dynamic as possible. It was a very graphics intense show, from having the usual lower thirds to showing the player standings on a table to the in game overlay.

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We livestreamed the tournament to Youtube and after a very successful show, we uploaded an edited cut to Logitech's social media page.  

This event was a great example of how collaboration between our different departments leads to a very fast execution of deliverables!

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