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R6S Rainbow Rumble

EpicLAN approached High Viz Media Group as a joint collaboration in running the Rainbow Rumble; a Tier 2 Rainbow Six Siege Tournament. The competition comprised of 6 online qualifiers and a 2 day Finals which were broadcasted from the HVMG Great West Studio.

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During the online qualifiers, we were responsible for all creative content. We worked alongside both the R6S talent and players to create two videos per broadcast, which amounted to four videos a week. It was an intense process, from scheduling and recording interviews, to turning the edit around within a 2-4 day span. We created a variety of content from daily recap videos, to player interviews to casual quiz shows.


For the Finals, we utilised our Great West Studio and crew to help produce the broadcast, as well as creating editorial videos for the show. A custom virtual set was created to go inside of the green screen, which allowed for a far greater flexibility to implement features such as player match ups, current scores and team logos. 


As the show was wrestling themed, we were also honored to have two AEW stars; Claudio Castagnoli and Adam Cole appear on the broadcast, which was an amazing mashup of both traditional and esports in one space. Overall, the tournament was received positively online, as we tried to push the boundaries of creating a unique esports show.

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