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R6S Rainbow Rumble

EpicLan approached High viz media group as a joint collaboration to host a 3 week tournament

with a live studio finals, hosted at the Great West Studio, for Ubisoft's Rainbow 6: Siege

as part of their  "Tier 2" competition.

alpha bravo.PNG

During the online qualifiers, we were responsible for all creative content. We worked alongside both the R6S talent and players to create two videos per broadcast, which amounted to four videos a week. It was an intense process, from scheduling and recording interviews, to turning the edit around within a 2-4 day span. We created a variety of content from daily recap videos, to player interviews to casual quiz shows.


For the live finals, a 3D virtual set was created and then rendered in real-time through Unreal Engine 5, to be used with the studio green screen. Incredible flexibility was granted through the setup to allow the editing of scores, logos and player photos within the live background as the broadcast progressed. Presenters and commentators, combined with editorial videos and VT content produced specifically for the show, rounded out the broadcast as the players battled in game for the title.


As the event was wrestling themed, we were also honoured to be visited by two All Elite Wrestling stars; Claudio Castagnoli and Adam Cole, who were attending a major event for their own sport in London at the time. Overall, the tournament was received positively online, and pushed the boundaries of virtual studio experiences to create a unique esports show.

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