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The High Viz Media Group had the pleasure of being asked to assist with the team at Connect Live, in delivering the visuals for the first ever Rolling Stone Awards UK, held at Roundhouse in Camden, London.

We pride ourselves in being able to rig a full vision gallery from scratch; using our flypack video PPU, our CCU rack for cameras and our Hyperdeck Rack for records. We used our Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K in our Video PPU to ingest four 4k50 camera feeds. All of this was so that we could provide a full live cut TX and meet the full streaming and recording requirements.


The client requested a priority on a 9:16 output, so we sent out our HDC-4300 Camera Channels running in 4k. This gave the video the full height required to present a 1080x1920 output, allowing for the highest possible quality. These feeds were ingested into our clip server where our live operator was able to cut between the mix of cameras, before heading to our editor, who was able to speedily add graphics and turn them around for upload.

To give us the best coverage of all the areas of the stage, we brought along our pedestal tripods, along with a full jib and a box lens. This provided the client with full beautiful sweeping shots of the stage, as well having the ability to capture the audience and their movements towards the stage. Our box lens was also utilized in feeding the stage screens as well as being part of the vision mix for the social media content.


Overall the team worked hard to pull off a fantastic show for our client, being able to capture the magic of the evening. A huge well done for all of people involved in working on such a huge project!

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