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Riot Games, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, asked High Viz Media Group to provide technical planning, camera and gallery operators for their EMEA Valorant Tournament.


This mammoth of a project lasted over 8 months and was broadcasted live to Twitch from the Messe in Berlin. We built a custom MCR gallery, which housed both the production crew, league operations and the observer team.

Additionally, we provided all of the cameras; which ranged from broadcast cameras on set such as the jib and steadicam, to the player cams that appeared overlaid on the game feeds.


We also created a piece of software called “Veto Live”, which was commissioned to allow the map veto element of the tournament to be ultilised on broadcast. The coach of each team would be able to pick or ban a map and choose sides on a tablet. This could be overseen by the tournament official on their tablet, with unique commands and then sent automatically to the graphic and LED team, running VizRT to playout on live air. The software was configurable to allow different numbers of maps to be picked or banned based on tournament progression.


It was a successful project, which pushed our technical capabilities to our limits, making us come up with more creative solutions and allowed for some special moments to happen on the broadcast.

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