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Riot Games, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, in conjunction with Jack Morton Live asked High Viz Media Group to provide technical planning, camera and gallery operators for their EMEA Valorant Tournament.


This huge scale project's broadcast ran multiple events over the course of 8 months, from Friday to Sunday each week, whilst being broadcast to an international audience through multiple platforms from the Messe Exhibition Centre in Berlin.


A custom MCR multi-part gallery was planned and built, which housed production elements, league operations and the observer team. This technical complex ran in conjunction with Riot's Stryker facility in dublin, as the main production hub and nerve centre for the operation.


Running 2 separate stages, the main studio featured Sony 4300s on ospreys and a jib, teleprompts, and PTZs. The stage featured a jib camera, PTZs, a Steadicam, and marshal player cams that appeared overlaid on the game feed.


High Viz, in conjunction with Jack Morton Live, also created a software package to allow the visiual respresentation of the in game data to be displayed on the broadcast and on the LED wall in the studio. Overseen by the tournament officials, the teams selected their choices for the upcoming game which was sent automatically to the graphics and LED team, running through VizRT for playout. The software was customisable to the specific conditions required for the current stage of the tournament.

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