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Our continued relationship with ESL provided us with an exciting opportunity to deliver cameras and routing for the 2019 Virtual Reality League Finals at the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester.

Challenged to deliver cameras and crew for Virtual Reality League, the brief was to capture shots that were both fluid and reflective of the dynamism of the VR gameplay being undertaken. Previous editing experience within eSports gave us a significant grounding in project delivery for this niche broadcasting arena.

VR Esports Production UK

High Viz Media Group provided equipment and a large broadcast crew, including multiple camera operators, racks, engineering expertise and sound engineers to help support the wider ESL production team.

We were also glad to engage Alan Wells Camera Systems to assist us with capturing unique camera angles throughout the two day live stream. Combined with our use of full 3G Sony camera channels, Alan Wells and his team delivered bold, flowing shots with their incredible Spider Camera Lite.

A total of 18 different cameras including player, robotic head PTZ and our channels were used to create engaging out of game and presentation shots.

We worked closely with our client to deliver these shots to the gallery using internal and specially rigged patching for the event.

Take a look at SVG Europe's coverage of the Virtual Reality League Finals to find out more about the technical production and the event itself.

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